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You are being redirected to "Reset your password" Page!!

Password reset tool

Enter your details below e.g.

Username: Jim.Smith

Email: Jim.Smith@abc12

Note your email address needs to match what we have on the system for you. 

Once validated, we will send you a link via email which you can use to set a new password. 







Password guidelines

To prevent validation issues, users wishing to reset their password must adhere to the Terms of use which includes the following guidelies; passwords must:

  •  Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters
  •  Contains at least one digit
  •  Contains one upper and lower case letter
  •  May optionally have punctuation and special characters such as @#$%^&*()_+|~-=\`{}[]:";'<>?,./

Users are now allowed to use passwords that contain names of family, pets, friends, co-workers, fantasy characters, date of birth, company name or computer commands. There must be no derivation, any of the preceded followed by a digit or spelt backwards. For more information on passwords, users are asked to refer to the Colt password standard for more information.